Friday, June 18, 2004

time @ speed of light

I got to work and started making the next glass. Chris gets there before me but forgets to switch on the furnaces. That means that I have to wait the extra 30 mins to put my sample in. The molten glass was like water and not a bit viscous and when I roller quenched it, I poured it all out. And because it fell in the same spot, I think it pushed the rollers apart by just that much and a huge chunk of crystal was formed. So, we didn't have a good yield for density but had enough for the DSC. So when Greg got in, I gave him the glass and he did the DSC runs. Today's values were pretty close to the literature ones. But the one we made yesterday, the 2.0's Tg was off by almost 20 degrees. It's a matter of slight concern but I think it also has to do with the glass making procedure and starting constituents. We don't have any carbon dioxide retention in the glass but the trade off at higher alkali content is the hygroscopic nature of the glass. Doc told us that the glass making range stops at 2.7, but we will try doing our 3.0 in air and if that doesnt work, then in the glove box under nitrogen. We also have to get a Tg for the 0.2 glass, apparently Doc thinks that results could be important. I guess we will see tomorrow when the precipitate is done. We were going to make a glass after lunch but I couldn't find any crucibles. Plus we had a talk at 3 that we were supposed to sit and listen to. So, we didn't make a glass in the afternoon. When Doc heard about that later, he was kinda pissed even though we explained the problem. And then he heard about the crucible situation and he blew his cap. We walked around and accounted for all the crucibles. So, we found 13 and Mario got out the 2 new ones. So now we have a cumalative of 15 crucibles worth $800 a pop. I am the crucible "guru" apparently and essentially am responsible for 15*800=$12,000 worth of pure platinum crucibles. I wish there was a way to tag them to keep track of them better. Doc will have a talk with everyone tomorrow about the right procedures involving the crucibles and hoarding. I also finished the first job of action as the Physics Club secretary which was the Annual Society of Physics Students Report for the Coe College chapter. As I was writing it up, I realize we do a shitload of stuff for a small school. Damn!
         I have to talk about something that Mario showed us during the presentation. There was diagram of electronic transitions and its common knowledge that photons have quantised energy and they jump from one energy level to another. But apparently they found something strange happening quantum mechanically where the photon ws going half way to the next energy level and then returning to its original energy state. Apparently this happens in the order of atto seconds (10^-18). This is incredibly minuscule amount of time but due to that, this phenomenon falls between the range of the Heisenberg Uncertainity Principle involving time and energy. This is just mind boggling because for that minute amount of time, the law of conservation of energy is violated. If this has actually been tested, then this strengthen's my belief in the Big Bang Theory because the only thing I was unable to understand was how the theory worked with the conservation of energy. I remember Doc telling me about the big bang theory, conservation of energy and the uncertainity principle all tied in somehow. Now it make more sense. I talked to Doc about the big bang theory because I was talking about it in my Science vs Religion paper for my honors composition.
         I got back and ran the same circuit I usually do in lesser time and I wasn't wiped the way I normally am at the end of the run. I did try to maintain the same speed through out the run. It makes me feel so good, my stamina is increasing I think or maybe I need to run faster. I also did a lot of weights. Slowly but surely my strength's also increasing. I feel awesome after the workout, albeit while showering I can't lift my hand too far over my shoulder because the arm is so sore..hehe..I talked to Kevin for a while because I haven't seen him for a few days. He is spending time with his girlfriend who is visiting him from Seattle. He is really happy, I am glad for him. They talk all the time and its nice to see so much of love in a couple. He also asked about Britta and how she was doing. He calls her a "baby girl". lol.. I laugh because I know better..hahaha.. She is now under our protection, like we are the mafia or something, you touch her and you die bitch. God, me and Kevin crack each other up. And we also talked about the same thing Komal brought up in April. It is a bit disconcerting... I wonder if I need to do things differently. Something to think about...
         I had a lot of energy after my workout even with my arms being sore. I wanted to play racquetball, so I might play with Matt, the guy next door or his girl friend if she wants to. I finished the left over indian food and watched TV. I chatted with some of my friends from India. They have another couple of weeks of summer break. Atleast I got to talk with my parents last night after telling 3 people to call my parents and tell them to call me..hehe..

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