Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I am SORE!

I must have been very tired last night because I slept through my alarm in the morning. I woke up at 9.45, and saw that Bhav left me a message but she had already left before I replied to her. I got ready quick and head out to work by 10.15. My upper left thigh was pretty sore. It must have been from the marathon racquet ball I played yesterday. There is a lot of jerking involved and I hadn't played for a while. While Matt and Amanda have been playing every day, and so their muscles are used to it. And they are much fitter than I am. Anyway, I got to work and finished the experimental procedure section of the paper and started on the discussion. I asked Greg to try to finish the results section by tomorrow so that I can include that in. The high point of the day was the video of the guys playing Mario video game's music first blind folded and then takes him blind fold and goes crazy on the piano. I found some more blogs that I will add to my watchlist. My cd player is pissing me off because it doesnt play the last tracks with out pausing. I don't know what's wrong with it. The rechargeables in the cd player lasts only for 5-6 hours on a full charge. It's nowhere close to the advertised 18 hour capacity. I think I will look around for another mp3 player and this time buy it from a store so that i can take it in and get it serviced if there is a problem. I chatted with andi briefly before she had to go to baby sit. I went running at 5.45. I ran for 32 minutes sprinting the last 80 metres!!! Thats 4 miles!! I think I need music while running because after 15 minutes of running, it becomes monotonous and I need something to keep my tempo. I tried doing math in my head but that lasted only for 10 mins. I couldn't lift much because my arms were kinda sore again which was weird. I however did play racquet ball again. I had a good workout playing because I actually had to move to score points. I am still missing shots I don't think I should miss. I got back, watched TV, and started packing. Since I am leaving on thursday, i thought I might get a head start. I have packed all my shirts and trousers/jeans. I will be taking about 20 t-shirts and 4 pairs of long pants. I still have to gather the rest of the stuff that I will be taking. I chatted with Jessi for a while because I haven't seen her in a few days. I will catch up with her after I try out aerials with Kiki tomorrow. Kiran, one of my friends from way back when in hyderabad is moving near Chicago. I will see him on Sunday and catch up with him after a loooong time. This should be fun! Andi messaged when she got back from the baby sitting. She is wiped after today because she was busy all day and had only 4 hours of sleep. I have never seen my girl function offa 4 hours of sleep in the 10 months I have known her. I have actually had quite a few days when I slept for less than 5 hours...
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