Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Today was an interesting day at research. Chris and me worked our buts off to make a glass sample and decided to run both density and Tg measurements. It was a relatively safe decision as we thought that we could be more productive during the day. The bad part about these analyses is that the preparations for it take a lot of time and patience in the glove box as mobility is restricted due to the increased pressure due to nitrogen influx and the gloves are big and not for sensitive movements required for the prep. Since this process is taking so much of time, we are going through a tank of nitrogen per glass which is wasteful because they are expensive. Meanwhile people started eating at the Wednesday lunch( its a weekly lunch that the physics dept gets). The smell of hot dogs was making me salivate because I was very hungry. It took me 20 mins to make two freaking DSC pans..argh! And then we found that the glass in the pan overflowed and fused to the lid. It was a huge pain to remove the lid. And then Chris elbowed the machine off, that was really funny! But at the end of the day with all the stuff that went wrong, we got really good results. I also realize very few people will actually understand this entry. I had to write about it anyway.
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