Saturday, June 26, 2004

crazy night!

Marty drove me over to the theatre where we were going to watch Fahrenheit 9/11. We had to wait there for 30 mins to get in! And we saw a lot of coe people including staff and faculty. Due to the controversial nature of the movie, the manager of the theatre gave a disclaimer and also said that if he didnt get the movie in his theatre, this movie probably would not have shown in Cedar Rapids. This documentary TRASHES Bush, yup..that basically sums up the movie. I am pretty sure that this movie was biased and in some cases, quotes may have been taken out of context. But overall, this was very informational and sensationalist in nature. I don't think a republican could have lasted 5 mins through the movie. People clapped, cheered, jeered, flipped the President, it was all happening here. One of the most interesting parts of the movie was about the enlistment in the Iraq war and where they are getting most of their recruits. And the fact that only one out of the 550 congressmen's son was in the Iraq War. Mike Moore went out and tried to get other congressmen to sign up their sons but they all either refused or mostly ran away. Seems like a cowardly bunch since they are the ones who passes the decision on going to war. This movie was very intense, it made me say "what the @$#&?" quite a few times. However, it showed Saudis in a bad light although they were talking most about their business interests in the US. they apparently have a $850 BILLION invested in the financial and industrial US. they have over a trillion dollars in banks in the US, so if they were ever to remove their money, there goes the US economy. I wonder if Andi would want to see this movie with me, I would like her to give me the other side of the equation.
            I got back and went to Kevin's party. I had a few glasses of wine and some other stuff. And then, when the girls came, the craziness started. We all were grinding for a long time! And girls flashed. Ali flashed me thrice! It was a wonderful evening and night. I got to see Kevin and I went up to say hi to Kristin. I think I will call her later next week and I need to talk to her about stuff and get things straightened out. The reason for the party was because Sean came down to visit Joe and Kevin. How many friends would do that for you, drive 4 hours in the case of Sean and 8 hours in case of Kristin, just to see friends? Mary came down to Cedar Rapids primarily to see me. We are lucky.. I got to bed after 3!

[Listening to: Let You Know - Hoobastank - (3:39)]

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