Thursday, June 24, 2004

8 more days at Coe

Since I slept before midnight for the first time this summer, I got up at 7.30 effortlessly. After I got to work, I checked up on the solution that I had made before the softball game. It was still bubbling, so I had to wait for that to dry out. This is the last glass in the borate family to make because I don't think even this composition can make glass. And compositions beyond R=3 was attacking the platinum crucible which was a bad thing. So, I switched to the carbon crucibles. We had chinese food for the wednesday luncheon which was great. But then food is good on wednesday anyway. Mario and Matt talked about their trip to China. It was a fun talk because they showed us a lot of pictures to places they had been and its history or significance. And after that Doc had a meeting where he wanted us to show the results we got so far. We are now almost done with the alkali borate family and are moving on to alkaline earth borates. He also gave us the friday before July 4th weekend off. So, I can leave early friday if I want to. I cleaned the crucible which had the green stains from reacting with the precipitate and found that it lost .08 g which is quite a lot actually.
I got back from work at 4.30 and tried calling Andi but she had to leave to hang out with her ex-boyfriend. I called Britta but couldn't talk to her then because her mom was expecting a call. So, I napped for about 30 minutes before Jessi called me to tell me that she was on her way from work. I got ready and went down to Gage to meet her. We ran for 17 minutes again at the same quick pace and I was pretty tired at the end of the run. We lifted weights for a while and talked. I introduced her to Matt and Amanda after she reminded me too. That's because we seem them exercising at the racquet center everyday and I talk to them and its the courteous thing to do. I got back and took a shower and ate. I watched X2 for a while before Jessi headed over to the Writing Center to work off her hours. I went down there and hung out with her to give her some company and I didn't feel like being alone. So, we basically talked again.
I have realized that she is the only friend that I had since freshman year that I haven't had any problems with. We have always been open and frank in our friendship. She asked me why marijauna was illegal while cigarettes and alchohol was legal. She gave me a convincing argument for the legalization of marijuana. I couldn't think of anything to counter it. Although, she thinks marijuana could be made legal, she is personally against doing any form of drugs herself. She draws the lines at drugs at marijuana. Weed apparently is not habit forming, cigarettes are more habit forming and dangerous to health. Alcohol had the same numbing sensation as weed yet it's legal. I want to talk to someone against the legalization of marijuana and hear their counter argument.
Britta called me while I was at the writing center and I called her back when I was at Jessi's apartment later. I talked to her for half an hour because she had to get to bed early. She had to take her mom to Wichita for a doctor's appointment. She is having fun there and it's good to hear. I'll call her sometime in the next few days again. I got back and went to talk to Matt and Andi called when I wasn't in the room. When I got back I saw her missed call and message and called back. But I think I woke her mom up and felt bad about it. I left a message for her anyway. I watched the rest of X2 because I wasn't sleepy at midnight.

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