Saturday, June 26, 2004

a ray of sunshine

Mary got here at 11 in the morning. I went down to meet her and she looked different. She has been growing out her hair since I have seen her last. I like her look with the long hair, very cute. I also met her boyfriend Alex. He is a cool guy and I liked him from when I met him. He has a strong handshake, not many guys give firm hand shakes anymore. We found Kristin and hung out for a while at the Cosmos office. I saw their spankin' new G5's. They have 3 G5s with 19 inch flat panels and 1 G5 with a fantastic 23 inch wide flat panel display. This is stuff to drool over if there was any thing to drool over. A grand total of $16000 for these 4 computers, baby, they ain't cheap. We then went to Metro Buffet to do lunch. We tried a lot of stuff and we liked the food. I paid for lunch as my treat. It wasn't very expensive for the 5 of us, just $35. It was sunny and her boyfriend, Kristin, Matt and me. We then went shopping to Target and just fooled around. I love these girls, they have so much of kid left in them. They were playing with the toys we bought as kids, pressing tummies to hear the voices. Even Alex partook in this touch based fun. We then head back to Coe and went to the apartment where Kristin was staying since being here. We just chilled and talked and then started the mayhem. We started playing card games which involving hand slapping, ground tapping, vicious grabbing of spoons. We played spoons and 31. Spoons was so much of fun, it was funny how I kept getting in Matt's way to grab a spoon. Sometimes I was so quick that I grabbed two spoons at once. We had so much of fun! And then around 6, Sunny decided that they needed to get back since they were driving back to Rochester. I told her that I would go visit her at Seattle sometimes since she has been down here twice to meet me. I talked to Kristin about trying to go there maybe after she got back from Ireland. We were totally fine today, we laughed and poked and tickled each other. By the way, there was a lot of tickling and poking between me, mary and kristin. felt like old times! So, I am still getting mixed signals about our friendship. I guess I stil have to talk to her and figure stuff out. I got back and watched the Seige. And now, i am blogging. Britta called me but I missed her call. She said that she would call me back after she was done talking to someone on the phone. I think I might call Doll because she called me yesterday and I couldn't talk to her because I was partying.
[Listening to: Pink Triangle - Weezer - Pinkerton (3:58)]

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Mary said...

Hanging out with you guys felt so good... I havn't felt so free to be myself in such a long time. I miss you so much, and I'm sad I didn't get to see you more.