Thursday, June 03, 2004

A bout of Loopiness

Cerulean2485: sweetie, should i do this response paper or not?
Cerulean2485: i think it might take me a while even though i've read it
Cerulean2485: and i need to study for a german quiz tomorrow
Cerulean2485: maybe i should study for the quiz and then see if i want to write the paper
Cerulean2485: hello?
Cerulean2485: are you there?
Cerulean2485: JOOOOOOYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cerulean2485: ok, well i'm going to study for my quiz and then see how it's going
Cerulean2485: because if i don't study for the quiz first my brain will probably be fried
Cerulean2485: and if my brain is fried when i study tonight, i'll have to get up even earlier tomorrow to study again and then i'll be even more fried
Cerulean2485: are you off with some girl somewhere?!
Cerulean2485: i sure hope not...
Cerulean2485: i don't want to have to check up on you!
Cerulean2485: :-)
Cerulean2485: just kidding
Cerulean2485: but seriously, where are you?
Cerulean2485: it's not like i'm going to call you from the library
Cerulean2485: i mean, i don't even have a phone here
Cerulean2485: if you're not in your room how do you expect me to get a hold of you?!
Cerulean2485: ...not that i want you to live in your room all the time...
Cerulean2485: i sure hope you're not standing at your computer reading this and not even responding!
Cerulean2485: i'll be pretty mad it that's the case
Cerulean2485: maybe i should come hunt you down
Cerulean2485: ...i would if i didn't need to study
Cerulean2485: but see, you're wasting my time... i could be in my room by now but no! i'm talking to you!
Cerulean2485: actually, i'm not talking to you because you're not writing me back!
Cerulean2485: if i find out you're with some other girl cheating on me now, i'll be mad!
Cerulean2485: don't worry, i don't really think you're cheating on me
Cerulean2485: i trust you
Cerulean2485: so i hope you make contact with me soon
Cerulean2485: until then, i'll be studying
Cerulean2485: if you would just stop distracting me now i'd have half the vocab memorized already
Cerulean2485: but noooo! you're eating up all my time!
Cerulean2485: stop being so selfish
Cerulean2485: i don't have time for this
Cerulean2485: now seriously, i'm leaving
Cerulean2485: just give me a sec
Cerulean2485: don't have too much fun with your secret lover!
Cerulean2485: because you know, eventually i'll find out about it
Cerulean2485: but when i'm gone over the summer you can embellish just don't get too excited just yet
Cerulean2485: you still have to hold out a couple more weeks
Cerulean2485: then you'll be free!
Cerulean2485: ...until august
Cerulean2485: well, now i'm really going
Cerulean2485: tchuss!
Cerulean2485: thanks for the advice about the paper/quiz
Cerulean2485: it was really helpful
Cerulean2485 signed off at 9:24:58 PM (April 22 2004).

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