Sunday, June 27, 2004

first brunch in a couple of months

I felt like sleeping in till noon since I do it every weekend. But I was going to do brunch with Kristin and some of her friends. So, I had to wake up at 10 so that I could get there by 11. I got there and saw that I was the first person there after Matt. I helped cut the veggies for the omelettes. Kristin made omelettes, Liz made hash browns and Matt made the sausages. It was a good home cooked meal. Kristin does omelettes pretty well. We just stood around talking. It's really funny that when I get along with Kristin and talk to her, he sort of quieten downs. It almost seems like I am a threatening presence around her. But when it seems like we are not talking or something, he gets friendly with me. Another thing I have noticed about their relationship is that they don't touch each other at all. I touch Kristin in a manner of poking or tickling more than Kristin and Matt touch each other. No holding hands, no kisses even on the cheek. The relationship seems purely emotional which is wonderful, I don't ever see that. I know how alone time is good for a relationship, so whenever we are not in a group, I leave them alone. Sunny and Kristin also know how to make sure their boyfriends are not left alone. They were together all day when we were hanging out. I say these guys are lucky. Kristin and Sunny are two of the most wonderful people I have ever met, I am really lucky to have them as friends.
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Mary said...

I noticed the way they don't touch too... it makes me jelous, a little. If that's the way it stays for a while, and they both hang in there, I bet it will be so wonderful for both of them.