Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I got mail!!

Well, I talked to Doll last night and the conversation ended around 1 PM. I needed her input on certain questions I had. It's been hard to get a hold of her because she talks to one of her friends around the time I try to call her. We talked about how to get around that as well. In the process of heading towards the restroom to brush and got to bed, I saw the next door open and people talking. So I popped in and introduced myself. There was a guy and two girls. I ended up talking to them till 2.30! I didn't even realize that it had gotten that late. I have never before met younger people so intelligent and well-informed about issues. One of the girls was very vocal and I talked to her more that the other two. But one of the reasons for that was that she wasn't really give them time to respond to my questions. But, I have a feeling I might get to know them more in the summer because I am usually free and like have people to talk to and hang out with. They are Carver scholar kids who will be doing research in the science departments. They have given one student per research faculty member. They have interesting times ahead.. I'll try to help them on the way if they need any help.
         Woke up to my alarm but didn't wake up till 8.40. Damn, I thought I could be in at work at 8 and make more glass. I got there and 9.15 and realized that there was a safety meeting at 10. So I couldn't start stuff until after that. Greg made a lot of solutions which should hopefully be done tomorrow. I then checked the tracking on my camera and found out that it had been delivered. Headed straight to the mailroom and got my package and deposited the cheque as well. I had been waiting for the cheque for about a week. I saw a hilarious hidden camera show on MTV where the show sets a time and whoever lasts that long gets $100. The funniest one was to see how long a girlfriend could last without lashing out when made jealous.. I laughed my guts out! I called verizon when I got to work and they answered my questions about the roaming minutes. And I also talked to the Japanese consulate and they need a financial statement and I will be faxing them my W2. Got back from work and went running. I did a different circuit which was 10 minutes uphill, 3 minutes downhill and 8 minutes flat terrain. I also sprinted about 50 metres at the end. Rob helped me do weights today evening. I had a longer weights session and I tried new exercises and stretches. I stretched a lot after running so I am not as sore as I normally am. I hung out with Jessi most of the evening. I just got back from watching 21 grams with her. That's one weird movie where they keep flashing back to the past and then going to the future and then to the present. It was pretty disorienting. There was a scene when someone was doing self multilation which made both me and Jessi gag. I ate some pasta salad with her that she got from home. I am going to run and do weights with her tomorrow evening.

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