Thursday, January 08, 2004

Hi sweetie!

This is my penultimate day in india... My bags are mostly packed, they seem like they might burst at the seams. I am actually thinking of buying a strolley here before I leave, I can distribute stuff a bit too plus it will be really useful for short trips I take so often at Coe.

Indiana should be fun especially you and your mum will be doing that thing you love. Shopping is fun I�d say until I realize that I might have spent a bit too much of money. I don�t know how I spent all the cash that my parents left with me. Anyhow, I have done some serious shopping, specially in clothing. And then some like music, books and movies. By the way, your saree set is now complete with the petticoat and the blouse ready. The blouse was done so quickly since I estimated your measurements to that of my cousin who just got married. You both have similar builds. We heard from her on her honeymoon to singapore and phuket, things were going fine until her handbag was stolen with her passport and cash and stuff. kinda sad, but they are trying not to get bogged down by this.

My parents are back at home and having a wonderful time there! They just won two round trips to Nairobi and two bottles of wine. This is the first time we have ever won anything which was luck-based! My luck hasn�t improved yet as I seem to have misplaced the film containing all the pictures I had taken at the wedding! Aarrgggghhhhh! Anyway, as a consolation I do have digital pictures that we had taken off my parent�s camera.

I�ll be leaving india with mixed emotions because I don�t know when I�ll be back here. But I feel like getting back to Coe and with you coz its been quite a while. One month here if I am not travelling is a bit excessive. I have been at home doing nothing for atleast a week if not more. I wish I had gone sight seeing here but my parents left pretty quick and my cousins have work or school, and I didn�t want to travel alone because its not fun that way. And I will be getting away from the crazy traffic here, it seriously causes heart palpatations! Cars and bikes miss each other by less than a feet as they swerve about in the traffic over taking left and right. We have 5 lane traffic in a 3 lane road! Jumping lights is a way of life here too. And the noise, horns blaring all the time, people swearing at each other, car stereos at max volume.. and to think I was used to this before I came to the US. US has really softened me up. I know how much you love adventure sports, this is a thrill ride all the way! But I am seriously going to miss being here for the upcoming stuff. There are a few weddings in the pipeline in our family which I don�t think I will be able to make. I am going to miss my friends at home all over again. I am really going to miss the family life here, I have gotten so used to it. The good home cooked meal, the fun sleeping arrangements.. sighhh!

I am really looking forward to seeing you again after so long. I am going to miss you all the way back. The double date should be fun, but when is it? And you will be hearing from me if about 48 hours I�d say or you can call me on my cell. I will be switching it on the moment I get into San Francisco.

Lots of kisses!


Tuesday, January 06, 2004

My precious,

Happy new year, gorgeous!

Snowboarding is a lot of fun, I wish I could do it sometime too. I maybe able to do it in spring break, I would have more motivation to do it if you came with me. Tyler wants me to visit colorado with him during spring break. I need to start thinking about that time from now. Did you follow up on your spring break plans? Do you think you can do this with me? And about the double date, its sounds pretty good. By the way, did you go sleighing?

I did call a few days back planning to talk to you and also verifying the budget for the saree..your mum told me $60 and that�s the range I got it in. I think you will like it, I like it, navy blue, pure silk and shiny. Cant wait to see you in it. Should look hot in it either way! I am going to try to get the blouse done here. I need some measurements for it though, if its not made in time, my aunt will mail it to me. I will get a ready made blouse and petticoat though. Another thing that can be done is that I can get a sample of a blouse of my cousin and it can be tailored there. What do you think of this? Email me back asap about this! I don�t know if I wil have time to buy your sister�s saree though, I am here only for another 2 days. I will try my best though. And about the cd to be sent to tina, I found out that its cheaper to send it from US than from india. Sending it by courier is about $50, not worth it for a $3 cd. Did you happen to hear from her? Or Inga?

I was in hyderabad from Dec 31 to Jan 6. My flight got in on time. I wish my new years was a bit more exciting. It was supposed to be but apparently plans fell through. I spent the rest of the evening with bhavya and her sister. Bowling seems to be a huge hanging out pass time here. She took me to her house. Geez, her parents can form quite an interrogating team. They kept asking me questions the 2 hours I was there! It was like I was in an interview. It was good though, I talked about my way of life at school and how it was so tough at start but easier gradually.. I spent jan 1 shopping with bhavya for clothes and music and stuff. I visited my old school on Saturday. Its changed a lot over the past few years. The principal was really happy to see me and so were my teachers. It was nice to be back there and see them all. And then in the evening I met up with my friends from school. Most of the friends werent in the city, I could see only 3 of them. Aditi, sushmita and satish havent changed at all, only gotten thinner. They loved the pictures I had from school! I had a lunch date with bhavya and her parents at their home. I have never been more stuffed in lunch! They forced me to over eat! And then, we basically sat down and talked. Something that the both of us hadnt done in a while because she was busy. My life has changed more than hers apparently in the last 3 months, primary reason being you. I spent the rest of the evening with another bunch of my friends who were the most excited to see me! They seems better than the last time I saw them, they are allowed to dress better too finally! Iwas sick of seeing them in the same styled attire everyday. They were constantly pulling my leg too! Im just too nice to retort back to girls, unfortunately! Lol..jus kidding.. the common theme of the response to my pictures were that I was having too much fun maybe. Plus, they were stunned to hear that I had a girl friend. Remember me telling you how people regarded me always as a big brother. And on the final day, I shopped for your sari for a couple of hours and met up wit my cousin who helped me shop. I also had to pick up a package for the indian girl who I met at the cultural show, remember? Her mom and I talked for a while. The mom doesn�t look like she is old enough to have a 18 year old daugher, ahh..the wonders of facials and face lifts..

And finally the last morning at hyderabad for I don�t know how long. My flight was supposed to depart at 8.25 in the morning, instead it was delayed by about 6 hours due to fog in New Delhi! I got back today tired, I think I gonna sleep for a while since I have been sleeping in hyderabad for just 8 hours while compared to my 12 hour sleep in delhi ever since I have been here! By the way, you can stop rolling your eyes! Lol.

Anyway, sorry about the short phone call, I was using my uncles� phone and it had about 3 mins of talk time left. It was good to hear you even if you were half asleep. I talked to your mom for a while the last time I called and heard she was sick again. I hope she feels better soon. I hope your cold has gone away by now, its been a couple of months already I think.

About me coming into chicago on the 11 Jan, my flight is American Airlines 886, reaching Chicago 8.26 PM. Im sorry its so late in the night.

Lots of kisses and I miss you lots.