Friday, April 29, 2005

The Sunscreen Song

Download link for the Sunscreen song (mp3)

History and Lyrics of The Sunscreen Song

This was really famous about 6 years back. A very interesting history behind this. Follow the link for more information.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Life is Short

I've had "Life is short" by Butterfly Boucher stuck in my head for a couple of days.

This is probably the most significant part of the lyrics:

Oh I am young but I have aged
Waited long to seize the day
All things said and plently done
Oh I am young but I have a past
Travelled for to find the start
Yes I am scared and I've been burnt
But life is too short

I am young but I have a past. A complicated past. But it's time to live life because I can never get these years back. I need to take advantage of my youth and make wonderful memories for the future..

[Listening to: Life is short - Butterfly Boucher - Flutterby (3:06)]

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Check out the pictures I put up on my picture blog. There are about 80 new pictures from the Drag Show to April I-Club Banquet. Have fun browsing!
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I had a good time today. I got to hang out with Britta, just the two of us. We ate together, walked around. We haven't done that in a long time and when I got the oppurtunity I took it. I like hanging out with Britta. I am at peace around her. I love kidding around with her. We have this bet that she would do something if I shaved my moustache off. She is tempting me, hehehe! I going to miss Britta a lot. I don't know how my life would be with out her around to be there when I need her. She calms me down when I need to be calmed down and I do the same for her.

Andy and I laughed our asses off during the soap opera bit of a local comedy troupe called CIA. Especially when they put in the lines, "Hot in Herre"," Oops! I farted again","how U doin'?". Nicole was laughing at us because we were literally in tears. The dance after that was fine. There were a ton of people there.

I just want peace of mind. I don't want to worry about anything. But what is life without tough tests? It makes us stronger. A wise person said," Everything happens for a reason. It just takes time to see the effect."

[Listening to: Blinded - Easily Amused - Novice (3:27)]

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences

Something I found online. Pretty interesting

You scored as Logical/Mathematical. You like to work with numbers and ask questions. You learn best by classifying information, engaging in abstract thinking and looking for common basic principles. People like you include mathematicians, biologists, medical technicians, geologists, engineers, physicists, researchers and other scientists.















The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences
created with

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Friday, April 15, 2005

Flunk Day!

It was finally Flunk Day today! We had been waiting forever! We were woken up at 5 am by drunk FDC members. Komal woke me up at 8 to do breakfast and I slept some more after that. I got out in the quad at 10.45 and had my first legal Flunk Day beer!! I think I had about 6 mugs of beer. Yeah, I was feeling it alright.. I took quite a few pictures with different people that I will be posting up at some point. I had a lot of fun today. barring one time that i'll talk about it now because I feel really bad about it.

Alcohol and being pissy don't go well together. I got too emotional about something very trivial and made this huge deal about it, embarrassing Andi in the process. It took me a lot of energy to get back in control and by that time i had already made her mad. I shouldn't have done the resolving pissy-ness in public (actually, i shouldn't have had to do it at all, it was nothing!). I was a complete jerk and I have been feeling incredibly bad. I have to apologize several times to Andi to make me feel better. I hope she forgives me. I can't believe how disrespectful I was.

She's on duty tonight. I hope she is doing okay. I think I will leave her alone tonight. She can hang out with other people and have fun. I guess that's my penance, not seeing her today..

[Listening to: Where To Begin - Bowling For Soup - Drunk Enough To Dance (5:21)]

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

something's up!

Andi has been acting weird all evening yesterday. She seemed rather evasive. She kinda pissed Lindsay off because she told her that she never ate with her anymore and it would be fun to eat with her and then sat to eat with some one else. Lindsay was not happy but didn't make too much of it. And I called Andi around 9 to just see what she was upto and the conversation seemed rather strained. And then she called me around 11 to tell me that she wanted to do some more things and if I wanted to come just for a little bit. I thought if she needed the time to do stuff, I didn't need to see her in the night and let her be. She calls me every night to say good night, and last night she didn't. I called her around 12.20 am to find out what happened and she said that she forgot. Some how I doubt she forgot and something was up. I didn't want to prolong the conversation as it was already late for her and the late night conversations are never productive.

So I don't know what's going on because till yesterday afternoon, everything was fine. I don't know if I have something to do with it or not.. I guess I'll find out at some point. I am worrying a bit about this.

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Monday, April 11, 2005

what's a guy to do?

I had planned on watching a movie with andi when she was on duty tonight. But around 8, one of my friends came up and wanted to start Flunk Day drinking because she thought Flunk Day was tomorrow. When I told them that I was going to Voorhees to watch a movie, they asked me to stay back and hang out with them. It felt like a guilt trip, and I felt really bad because I had already planned the movie and I would be going back on that. That is something I never do because I hate it when people do that to me. People think I set myself up for disappointment because I expect too much. I feel really bad when they tell me that. I feel guilty. I can almost never say no.

It's at times I like I can see fragility in some of my friendships. It's disheartening.

I wish I had just watched the movie and everything would be ok. Or would it?

And I hope flunk day is not tomorrow!
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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

sometimes i really annoy myself. why the hell do i like to push people's buttons and then don't like the fact that they get mad or irritated with me?

also, i also annoy myself with all the white lies. i can lie with a straight face. most people can't even say that i am lying. or kidding around for that matter.

when i have god awful boring days, i feel the need to amuse myself. gets me into trouble usually.. need to work on blowing my restlessness in other things..