Friday, April 15, 2005

Flunk Day!

It was finally Flunk Day today! We had been waiting forever! We were woken up at 5 am by drunk FDC members. Komal woke me up at 8 to do breakfast and I slept some more after that. I got out in the quad at 10.45 and had my first legal Flunk Day beer!! I think I had about 6 mugs of beer. Yeah, I was feeling it alright.. I took quite a few pictures with different people that I will be posting up at some point. I had a lot of fun today. barring one time that i'll talk about it now because I feel really bad about it.

Alcohol and being pissy don't go well together. I got too emotional about something very trivial and made this huge deal about it, embarrassing Andi in the process. It took me a lot of energy to get back in control and by that time i had already made her mad. I shouldn't have done the resolving pissy-ness in public (actually, i shouldn't have had to do it at all, it was nothing!). I was a complete jerk and I have been feeling incredibly bad. I have to apologize several times to Andi to make me feel better. I hope she forgives me. I can't believe how disrespectful I was.

She's on duty tonight. I hope she is doing okay. I think I will leave her alone tonight. She can hang out with other people and have fun. I guess that's my penance, not seeing her today..

[Listening to: Where To Begin - Bowling For Soup - Drunk Enough To Dance (5:21)]

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Michael said...

Why is alcohol so appealing?