Saturday, October 23, 2004

More pictures!!

I just posted 35 pictures on Joy's Odd's N Ends. They are from Chicago, my 21st B'day and Alburquerque.

Have fun browsing.
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Saturday, October 16, 2004

A whole week away from Coe! well almost..

I'm writing this post from the computer lab at Univ. of New Mexico at Alburquerque where the SPS conference is going on. It's been a fun couple of days since we flew in wednesday. I have attended a ton of talks and few of them being pretty high profile including the talk on ethics by the National Science Advisor to POTUS and a Nobel Laureate about Bose-Einstein Condensate. And the food has been incredible. My first dinner here was a $27 meal that I paid for. And then I paid for today's lunch which was a bit more reasonable at $10. And We have been doing some drinks every ngiht..and let me tell you a lil secret..this is the 7th night in a row where I've had atleast a bit of some form of alcohol. I'm surprised but I have not gotten drunk even on my 21st b'day. Talking about my b'day, It was a wonderful day with wishes from all my friends and the dinner at Olive Garden and then hanging out wiht my friends and then Andi. She came by in the night and we had a couple of glasses of wine to end my b'day. And you know, I have never been carded in my life but since I've turned 21, I have been always carded. It's funny! Chicago was a ton of fun too. I will put up pictures once I get back to school on Sunday. Sorry about the ill-organized post this time..