Thursday, September 23, 2004

Energy O' Energy! Where art thou?

I am so lethargic now. I don't feel like doing anything now. I wonder why after the hellishly long day I had yesterday. Yesterday started at 8.30 am after sleeping at 2.30 the night before after talking to Britta. And then I had class from 9-10 and then I read from 10 till noon after which I went to a talk and lunch at Physics for an hour till 1 PM. And then I was supposed to tutor someone but he never showed. So, I went back and read rest of honor's readings and then I had honors from 2-3.20. I then did Astronomy homework from 3 till 4.30 for evening's class and then had dinner. I was supposed to eat with Andi but she sat with other people and I realized that I probably should sit with someone else that I haven't eaten with for a while. Then, I walked around with Britta for half an hour before astronomy at 7. Which lasted till 9.30. But we got our results back and I did pretty well. But that wasn't enough to alleviate my lethargic-ness. I was barely awake through the class as my eyes were getting very tired. And then I had to tutor in Basic Physics from 9.30 till 10.30 which wasn't a good idea because I was tired and I was getting frustrated with my tutee and kind of snapped a couple of times. And then I had to do a short physics study group for Optics homework. However, my mind was not working so I didn't absorb a lot from this session. So, I got out at 11 and headed to Andi's for a short break. We walked around for a bit and talked... It was good talking to her because even though we see each other everyday, we don't talk much because we are usually studying astronomy together or around other people. After she went to bed, I decided to drop by Kelly's for a few minutes. few minutes dragged to 40 minutes. Gone was my goal to end my day at 11.30 and get more sleep. It was good talking to Kelly because I haven't talked to her that way since last semester. She is a wonderful friend, I like her a lot. I did get back at 12.40 and then got straight to bed. However, as I got into bed, Britta, Sean and Jamie came up even after I told them I went to bed. They were out for 5 mins talking and then finally once I got to bed, I was out in less than 30 seconds. And there ended my Wednesday. Why do Wednesdays have to be so hellish? I forgot about my Budget meeting at 5.30 too! I just have too much of stuff sometimes. I really wish I had a companion to help me through things. Yeah, sure Andi's still there but she is not my girl friend anymore. It's like we are together but we are not. And yeah, Andi's a stress factor too. I get stressed whenever I think about her. Arrgghhhhh! Man, I need life to be less stressful! Classes, other stuff, social life, friggin' craziness!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Another set of pictures

These are pictures mostly from the last couple of days. Most of them are from yesterday's astronomy study break. Make your way to Joy's Odds N Ends