Tuesday, June 22, 2004

lotsa sports!

Today's research was pretty mundane. The 3.5 didn't make glass because the DSC did not yield a Tg. So, we are going to try 4.0 the last and then move on to alkaline earth borates. We emailed Kodama to see if he had the details about the starting materials to use. I guess we wait for his reply to move beyond lithium borate. We got our asses whooped in softball yet again, a 10-1 defeat which seemed better than the ass kicking 24-3 we lost last summer. I got to talk to Kiki for a bit because she played for the economics department. And then, me, Greg and Jon played quite a few games of racquetball which was awesome. The last two games with Greg were the best of the lot because I actually got a workout. I think I will be playing more with them from now on. I will try to convince Amanda to play with us as well because I know Matt wants to. I haven't seen any girl kill the ball the way Amanda does, although its her tennis techniques coming into play. I tried running but I couldn't because my sides started hurting. It was probably due to the fact that I ate barbeque stuff an hour and a half before attempting to run. I did do weights though. I got back and watched some TV. So, this day has been good so far. I called Britta to see if she was around, but she wasn't. I also think Andi gets back tonight, although I don't know when. I'll probably get to talk to her tomorrow.
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