Saturday, June 05, 2004

Fun at Iowa City!

I still can't believe that I went out to drink with Kevin and his friends from Knox College to Iowa City. I got to know one of his friends called Fay. This bunch of his friends were americanized, especially their mannerisms and diction. We first went to the Summit and then found out that their dance floor was closed. So, we then headed to One-eyed Jake's. That's the first time I have been there. It seems like a lot of people from Coe celebrate their 21st birthday there. We got in and started playing truth or dare while drinking. I had a few drinks including a mixed fruity tasting drink. Unfortunately, I don't remember what was in the drink. We had some pretty amazing dares including kissing some random girl. It's really funny that all the questions for the truth relate to sex, every single one like where was the kinkiest place you have done it to how many times they masturbated. I have been asked to come to Knox with Kevin in June. After a while we left and went to someone's house where they had beer and started playing games. I just wanted to come back and go to bed because I still had work that morning. I actually slept for about 45 minutes at the house and then we got back around 3.30 am. Morning was not fun because I didn't want to get out of bed. I dragged my ass out of bed and got to work by 10. It was a long day after that. I had no energy throughout the day!
[Listening to: Echo - Incubus - Morning View (3:34)]

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