Saturday, June 26, 2004


I woke up to sunny calling me in the morning to tell me that she was on her way down. She should be here anytime soon. And then, I saw Bhavya's messages and got really excited that I could finally chat with her. I also got her reply to the email I sent her. She has been checking my blog out. Her summer doesn't seem any different from her normal college life schedule because she is as busy as ever. If emails and weekends chats are all we can do, I think it's ok since that was primarily what we did during my freshman year. And her mom bought her a digital camera, so she has no excuses now regarding pictures. She wil have to take em and send them to me. I have 1 picture with her in the 5 years I have known her. Pretty amazing, huh? I have been chatting with her for a while..
[Listening to: Cold Hard Bitch - JET - Get Born (4:03)]

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