Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Alimento Italiano

I went to bed earlier than usual, ie. before 1 am. I got up at 8.15 without the alarm, I was very surprised. Actually I was kinda scared initially because I thought I have overslept again. At work, I typed up a bit more and I have been waiting for Greg's results section to put in. I emailed Doc yesteday asking him a few questions about the paper. I just sent him another email telling him that I can't find the notebooks or papers dealing with the Raman studies from last summer or NMR studies from Canada. I am waiting to see what he says. I don't want to write about something I don't fully comprehend yet. We had Italian food from Biaggi's. It was good, and I made sure I didn't over eat this time because I still wanted to run and workout in the evening before swing dancing with Kiki. I should be done dancing by 7.45 as far as I know and I will try to complete my packing.

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