Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Damn! I slept through the friggin' alarm again and woke up at 10.15. I showered and tottered to work to find out that Greg got to work late too. We spent all day working on a single glass sample. We were trying to find the temperature at which the precipitate melted. We however got really good density and Tg measurements. I stayed over late because I got to work late. I then went running with Jessi. We took my route but our pace was quicker than what I normally ran at. It normally took me 20 minutes to run in my circuit but with Jessi, we did it it 17 mins. I was out of breath by the time I was done. It's a good thing that I can keep running and pushing myself to go farther than I normally would. I played 3 player racquetball with Matt and Amanda. Both me and Matt played hard while Amanda didn't. I talked to Matt later and he told me that she didn't have fun playing. Maybe if I play with them again, I need to slow my pace down. I think the best way to play is 1-1 so that noone gets left out. I was out of most of my food, so me and Jessi did a grocery run straight after exercising. I replenished my supplies and got back and showered and ate. I am planning on finishing my meat mix before it goes bad. I had to throw away half of my loaf of bread because it had fungus. I talked to Sagnik for a while. And then Jessi came over to return my keys and we talked for a while. And then I talked to Doll for a couple of hours about life, love and everything in between. I went to bed at 2 again! I am functioning offa 6 hours of sleep during the week. But thats not going to stop me from talking on the phone with the people I care about. I can always catch up on sleep during the weekend.
[Listening to: Won't Go Away - Vertical Horizon - GO (3:52)]

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