Sunday, June 27, 2004

talking is good!

Britta came online sometime earlier to tell me that she was sick of talking to people on the phone. So, we just chatted for a while. She told me about her time at home since I talked to her last. She is a wild thing..hehe.. She has been having a lot of fun and I dont think she thought it was possible. But as luck has it, the most unlikely things come to pass. Go Britta! She is attending a bridal shower tomorrow, that should be interesting. And then the moment I called and her phone started ringing, she msged me and told me to call her. and talk about coincidences, hahaha.. This is not the first time, its almost like I can read her mind or we are on the same wavelength. amazing. We talked to her for quite sometime and things fell into place. Lately, I really haven't been able to get a hold of her, but its ok because if I really need to talk to her, I'll tell her. I told her about the analysis of my last cell phone bill. I talked a grand total of 1600 minutes out of which Doll was about 500 mins, Andi was 350 mins, both of them forming the majority of the time used when I called them. I have realized that I spend a lot of time in the evening talking to my friends, and its all good! It seems like I talked to Doll every second or third day from my bill. Both Britta and Doll saw the pictures I posted today. I think the website is a good way for people to check my pictures without me having to worry about sending attachments and all. Maybe I will go to bed soon because I am eating brunch tomorrow morning with Kristin and some of her friends. I will get to see her before I leave for Japan. Well, she is going to China and it will be amazing for her. Both of us going abroad the same day. I might get to see her on July 7 because she is flying out of O'Hare at 12.55 pm and I depart at 12.00 pm. That will be fantastic!
[Listening to: A Tendency To start Fires - Bush - Razorblade Suitcase (4:04)]

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