Wednesday, June 09, 2004

my exercising regimen has begun!

My day began really early because I have to get to research at 8 in the morning. It gives us first dibs at the equipment which means we can make more glasses. Well, it works well if everything goes according to plan. Pycnometer was erratic today because it is very pressure sensitive and apparently someone had fiddled with the pressure gauge on the helium tank. So, we got bad results which in turn caused a higher density for the glass than the literature values. But thankfully Doc was happy with the results. We would have made another glass but Jon's sample jammed the rollers up and un-jamming them took the rest of the afternoon because the panels of the glove box had to be removed. They are a pain in the ass to reassemble. I also learned to use the Raman photospectrometer which was pretty cool. I have used it before at Iowa State. Both my meals were from the groceries I bought yesterday. I had roasted honey nut peanut butter and jelly and sandwich with a meat mix. And I had burritos for dinner with baby carrots and spicy ranch. I also ran for 25 minutes straight without stopping... I was so happy! Plus I lifted weights to end the exercise. Albeit I was dead tired but it felt good to start jogging again. I talked to Kevin for a while when I was at the fitness centre. But god was it humid and hot out today! And I have been chilling all evening. Chris came by to see if could buy some wine but I told him that I didn't want to risk getting caught so close to my 21st birthday. I think we will do the wine tomorrow. I talked to Andi for a short period of time but for the first time she didnt pay attention to me on the phone. It was really annoying even though I knew she had to pack. I wish she paid attention for even 5-10 minutes. But it's ok..she was busy and I got to talk to her mom and Carlo. I need to talk to Doll when she eventually gets off the phone. I need to talk to sunny about kristin. The Kristin issue is really bothering me and I need to talk to sunny which I am trying to do now.
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