Saturday, June 05, 2004

finally no more caf food!

I can finally eat my own food whenever I please. I can start exercising and it's about time I did. Although this also means that I need to get groceries for food and all. I also slept in till noon. It felt soo good because i got more than 7 hours of sleep last night. I was also wondering what Britta was upto because I hadn't seen her since thursday evening and we finally made contact today. She came up to tell me about her adventures in the last 48 hours. She was on a sleep derived The Relay for Life was fun apparently.. and then we just talked for a long time.. I also seem to have a calming effect on her because she sobered down. She is hilarious when she is on a sleep deprived or caffeine high because she laughs at every thing. I am also jealous because her boss took her out to eat the last couple of days and she has been eating well while the other mortals here were stuck with cafeteria food.. It was also lonely eating by myself. The last couple of days were the first times that I actually ate by myself. While talking to Britta, she told me that I seemed like a jerk the first time we met, and she thought I was very possessive about Andi because I was paying a lot of attention to her. She realized later that I was quiet because I didn't know anyone in the group watching the movie apart from Andi. It's always interesting to hear what my friends thought of me the first time they met me...
[Listening to: Saathiya - A.R.Rahman - Saathiya (5:57)]

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