Tuesday, June 29, 2004

A full day I'd gather

I talked to Andi last night when she asked me to call her around midnight. We had a long talk about me and my reaction with Urs. She got very frustrated with me getting pissy whenever I heard she was with him. She explained things again, and this time it actually got in my head and I felt much better. It's funny that she gets pissed and doesn't want to talk to me when I am mad at her. If it was me, I would get to the bottom of the problem. She just avoids confrontations all the time. I keep reiterating the fact that communication is essential in a relationship. I get frustrated too when she keeps things from me and bottles them up inside because she rather not talk about it as the situation might get uncomfortable. She does say the things on her mind, it just takes a lot of patience for me to wait for her to come to me. I told her that I wouldn't call her for the rest of the week unless she wanted to talk to me. If she wants to hang out with her ex, she can because he is leaving in a couple of weeks and the fact that she hasn't seen him for a year since she last summer that they broke up. I know the feeling as I realized yesterday that it was similar to when I met Bhavya in January 2004 at Hyderabad. I spent more than half the time there with her just hanging out. If I am insecure about this relationship just because she is spending most of her time with her ex-boyfriend at home, she could be too because of the amount of time I spend with my female friends and how close I am to them. And the fact that all of them are good looking and physically attractive. I don't know if she knows that I find her absolutely irresistible and thats more than what I can say for my other friends. From what I was told, she had asked people what the deal was with me having so many female friends early when I was getting to know her. I found that rather amusing. Doll called while I was talking to Andi but I didn't take the call because I knew Andi would be pissed if I kept her on hold. I called Doll back after I was done talking to my girl. She called to see if I was feeling better. I remember messaging her in the afternoon when I was vis-à-vis early in the attempt to simmer down. Doll was rather subdued for some reason. I told her that I was fine, and talking to Andi helped. I talked to her till 2.30 because I didn't have to get to work early as Doc was not around.
               I actually woke up easily at 8.30 and got to work earlier than everyone else under Doc. I started on my monster paper which is supposed to comprise of all the information we have gathered about alkali borates made by the solution method. I have realized this summer that what I do is more of physical chemistry and a bit of physics involved in the analysis of the glass. I got through the abstract, introduction and a third of the experimental procedure. I am aiming to finish the procedure and start on results. I hope Greg finishes his data acquisition and tweaking to get molar volumes and packing fractions as well because I have to include those graphs as well. Apart from that, I started browsing through recently updated blogs. I found a lot of blogs that will be on my watch list. I might list them on my blog as well. After I got back from lunch, I talked to Ali for a while. I think she is flirting with me because she wants me to come to birthday celebration even though she doesn't really know me because we had sustained contact at Kevin's party for the first time. I think a girl is flirting if she is being overly friendly and is doing a shit load of smiling. I left work at 4.30 and I don't remember what I did till I left to the racquet center. I got there to find Amanda and Matt playing RB. And I hadn't played for a few days. So, I decided to play with them. Amanda actually likes to play with me now because I play hard with her. She has improved a helluva lot, damn! I actually had to work for my points a bit. She is the toughest girl I have ever played. I like playing with someone who is competitive and wants me to play hard. She is also picking up more of my tough serves. I played Matt after her, and he is quick! We did threes after that. I played for over 90 minutes straight and it was a fantastic workout. I didn't feel like running after that because my leg muscles were tight. I think I am going to keep playing with them because it is helping me getting back into the groove. I am serving hard and low now which turnout relatively consistently. I am still missing shots I should not be missing but I assume that will change after enough practice. I got back from playing to find that internet was down which was a bummer. So I watched TV while eating hot dogs and drinking beer than Dustin got me. The beer was good, it was actually wheat ale I think. I went over to Jon's room and downloaded some of his music and I have been listening to it since then. I read a few of the magazines that I picked up at the mail room. The Maxim issue this month is pretty interesting, it has a hilarious survey and a lot of scantily clad personalities. I will write about the survey sometime tomorrow when I have more time. Although I think I will get some of my packing done tomorrow night because I might leave for Andi's on Thursday. She wants me to go to a swing dance thing at downtown Chicago. I will also be going to the Des Moines swing dance with Kiki on Wednesday. She got her DVDs of aerials. I will go over sometime tomorrow evening and try them out with her. I talked to my cousin and Doll for a bit. Doll still cracks me up sometimes with her protracted innocence about amm..you know..stuff..hehe

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