Saturday, June 05, 2004

And another night of fun!

Some times at research when its all boys around, we have the strangest of conversations. Today was about porn. We just sat there for 20 minutes talking about it with Jesse, Marty, Jon, Chris and me there. We also talked about drugs at random. Never a dull day at physics alright. I was so lethargic today that I just wanted to get finished with work and leave. I got back to my room and lay on the bed watching tv, i realized that if I wasn't careful, I could fall asleep. I was so tempted to nap but I had to see Love Actually tonight before 8.30 and return it to Kristin. She is leaving tomorrow and I don't think I will see her before she leaves.. I could have seen Harry Potter with her and the group that was going but I told Britta that I wanted to see it with her. I also think the movie with Britta will be more fun although we might go with Jenna because she wants to see and will also give us a ride. It feels really odd that I haven't hung out with Britta for a couple of days because she was so busy. I sort of got used to us hanging out all the time. Although, I might get to see her more during the weekend before she leaves for home.
            I didn't want to nap because I was going swing dancing tonight at the Hilltop. When I got to Kiki's, I saw Kelly and was pleasantly surprised. She got her haircut and she looks very cute with the new hairdo. Both me and Rob told her she looked good in it. Kiki and Kelly were both dressed very well tonight. I also heard some talk about sticky boobs which I understood later in the night. We got there and saw that the four of us were the only ones there. It was a lot of fun with just the four of us because we got to dance with each other and try new moves. I learnt a few new moves from Kelly, she always has something new to show which is very cool! Although the moves I learnt caused a lot of contact with her boobs. That was a rather interesting experience because I tried it with Kiki and it was the same thing. A first for me was poking Kiki's fake breast or "sticky boobs". Rob, Kiki and me are in a picture where Rob and me are poking her chest. God, after that the girls started poking and feeling our chests like that one episode in Will and Grace. It was rather odd. Kelly accused me of dirty swinging, apparently I touched her butt during a move which I didn't realize. I sometimes move down too much; got to watch out for that with girls especially if I am not dating them. Kiki was also very excited when we did some of the best aerials ever because she has never gotten so much of elevation. It was a lot of fun!!
            I will be going to Scheel's with some of my physics friends to check some guns out. They want to show me how a gun feels since I have never really seen a gun in real life.. That should be a cultural experience.

[Listening to: Everybody - 12 Rods - Separation Anxieties (4:05)]

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