Wednesday, June 02, 2004

can it get any slower?

As usual, I woke up to Something More by Switchfoot 15 minutes after the music alarm went off. It apparently is now a ritual to hear the alarm go off and then snooze for 15 minutes till I hear the Switchfoot's song. It's pretty weird. I got to work to discover a meeting in progress with Doc. He never told me about the meeting, but I am glad I got there before it finished. He is gone for the rest of the week to Washington. He gave Chris the next few days to study for the final. The problem there is that my method for making glass needs two people because things need to run simultaneously. So all I did all day was clean crucibles and make 2 solutions. Hopefully tomorrow I get more help and get actual glasses done for analysis.
            I actually also got mail today, my japan travel stuff arrived. Now, I am all ready except for the visa for which I will start the application process quick. Time for this trip is dawning upon me pretty soon. God, days sometimes individually pass by slowly sometime but time as a whole seems to be rocketing by. I can't believe that it's almost been a month since school closed! Last weekend just zipped by, makes me wish I had more time with Andi... I am trying to get someone to watch Day After Tomorrow with me..hopefully someone will... I know I will be seeing Harry Potter for sure because there are a lot of people who want to see it.
            As I was watching Summerland's premiere on WB, i noticed it was very similar to the movie Raising Helen. The plotline's the same as in both of them, the parents die and leave the children to the least expected person, a party-career woman. I guess I will follow the series unless it bores me. Might as well, since I have nothing better to do anyway.
            I am also trying to find something on the net which will help keep members of international club together after they leave Coe, especially the international students. So, i am scouting for free services that we can use.. the best one i have found so far is the Yahoo! Groups. Need to talk to Academic Computing and see if they have any suggestions..

[Listening to: Keep It Together - Guster - Keep It Together (3:43)]

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