Saturday, June 19, 2004

a fun night out!

Friday was our most productive day yet. We made 3 glasses and ran Tg's and densities on them. We got really good results. The 3.0 turned out to be more crystal than glass but since we weren't sure we just ran a Tg because having any crystal would screw up a proper density run. We also made another 2.5 for a combined density and the Tg for the 0.2 to make Doc happy. So I had a relatively busy day at work and didn't really get to read my book a whole lot. I left at 4.30 because I got to work early. I went running for about 25 minutes on a longer route which had more uphill runs and it seems like i can run faster than what I thought because I ran farther than usual. And then I found Jon at the racquet center and played racquet ball with him. It felt nice to play again because it had been over 3 months since i'd played it last and I like this game. I did weights there as well because the fitness center closed early on friday. I got back and showered.
            I found a message on my phone from Jessi and called her back. She asked me if I wanted to eat out with her and I thought it was great idea. So, we decided to go to Olive Garden since I had never been there before and Jessi loves Olive Garden. I dressed up a bit because I was always in casual attire. I got there and saw that Jessi decided to dress up as well because she hasdn't made up for quite some time. She looked wonderful, but then she looks good anyway. It was really funny because we were both dressed to go out. She had to drop something off at American Eagle so we first went to the Mall. She was thinking about buying a swimsuit and we looked around for some. I laughed when I saw some poca dotted bikinis because that song for the yogurt came to mind with the poca dotted bikini. She picked up a diamond ring brochure from a shop on the way out because she was looking for a ring for her father. So right before we entered Olive Garden, she suggested jovially that we say we were engaged and try to scam a free cheese cake. It probably would have worked because she carried the diamond book in to browse. We got seated and the guy who served us got me some wine even without asking for my id..hehe.. and then we got soup and lots of breadsticks which were awesome. I got the fettuccinni with steak in it because it was apparently new on the menu and it was also one of the most expensive meal on the menu, i thought about it for a sec and then realized that I was earning and could spurlge a bit. It was great, although I couldn't finish it. It was a $20 meal which really isn't that bad. We talked a lot and I found out that she liked diamonds "Princess Cut" or square cut. She already knows what kind of ring she wants for her! We left and went back to her apartment to watch movies. I wish I had my camera so that I could have taken a picture of us dressed up since that really doesn't happen a lot..shucks! We first watched Kill Bill Vol.1 because she hadn't seen it yet. She liked the movie and we might go and see Vol. 2 sometime this week because I want to see the second one too. And then we watched Bowling for Columbine. Damn, I am not an American and that makes me feel really sad. It's regarding gun control. I want to see that movie with Andi sometime. After watching the movie, Jessi was nearly in tears and so we talked about that and then went on to other issues. We share a lot of the same viewpoints on issues because she is pretty liberal. The only thing that creeps her out is the cloning issue, which I admit is creepy when it comes to human cloning because I don't see anything good in the long run from it. Got back at 2! This was one of the most fun nights I've had and I got to know Jessi a lot and love.. She has the hots for a guy in the army rangers. I hope he writes her soon..

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