Thursday, June 24, 2004

so close!

I made the 4.0 in the N2 environment glove box and it seemed like it made wonderful clear glass and lot of it. But then when we ran the DSC, it didn't give us a Tg. So, it didnt make glass. Apparently the 4.0 wants to make crystal more than glass. I will be trying a 5.0 just to check but somehow I don't think that will make glass. We also did a 2.0 and got a good density result. I am now in a work mode, because I stayed till 12.45 doing density instead of going to lunch at 12.

Jessi called and asked if I wanted to go see Kill Bill Vol.2 with her and Jenna. I want to see the movie so I think I am going with them. I haven't seen Jenna in a while so I get to meet up with her.

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