Sunday, June 13, 2004

A new addition to the crazy macher_jhol clan

We found out last week that my aunt/sis is going to have a kid next february. I am very excited about it because I might actually be the one of the first people from the family to see the baby since I live in the US. I will definitely visit her sometime after her baby comes. I talked to her today and she seems positively buoyant about being "preggy" as she calls it. She has already started looking and shopping for maternity clothes. Tubldi and Anil have interesting times ahead. And apparently, I will be helping with the diapers because she told me that I was going to do it. I talked to mum and dad and some people at Gurgaon today morning. I wish I could talk to them longer than a few minutes. I also want to talk to Robi. I finally chatted with Britta since she's been home. I might get to chat or call her tomorrow evening. And god knows where the hell bhavya is. She has summer vacations but she is unable to come online to chat. ****!
[Listening to: Not Enough - 3 Doors Down - The Better Life (8:05)]

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