Friday, June 25, 2004

busy bee

After work, I played racquetball with Jon. It was a good warmup for the rest of the time at the racquet center. I then ran briskly for 5 mins and sprinted about 280 metres in 40 seconds. I then walked the 280 metres and saw that I made it in 2 m 20 secs. I can normally do that running in 1 m 10 s. So I think I do a good pace. I then played with Amanda. She is a tennis player and her skills come into focus when playing RB. I have never seen a girl kill the ball the way she has. It's been one of the most intense couple of games with a girl. I think if she keeps playing, she will be a very capable player. I did however win both the games because I serve hard and low and then haven't been able to come up with a good counter yet. I hurried back because I had to shower because I met Jessi to go the movie. We met Jenna there and it was really good to see her. Kill Bill 2 wasn't as gory as the first one. Jessi was very impressed with Uma Thurman and now is her role model. The three of us talked and then I saw Marty there. So, I talked to him for a while and then heard they were watching Fahrenheit 9/11. So, I went and bought a ticket for tomorrow. I think it will be a good movie/documentary. I wonder if it will make me as sad as Bowling for Columbine. I got back and went over to Jessi's for a while. I then felt like talking to Andi so I left. I called Andi sometime back and her ex-boyfriend was over and they were hanging out. So, she says she'll call me back at 11.30....
[Listening to: Last Train Home - Lostprophets - Start Something (4:03)]

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