Monday, October 03, 2005

After a long Friday at work which included the ice cream break, I had a very relaxing evening. I walked around online browsing my daily quota of fodder. Dan Kauffman (link) and I had an interesting discussion about the historic control of internet by the US. And then I talked to Goms for a while till Rachel and Khush walked it and found me talking while lying on the couch. They just laughed at me. I went over to their apartment and hung for a bit. They are moving onto Phase II of the South Beach diet (no carb). They are trying to expunge toxins from their body while losing weight.

As usual, my Saturday started late as usual. James was supposed to have gone to the Cider Mill near Pigeonforge early morning. However he was still sleeping when I woke up. So, Callie joined us while we head to the Cider Mill to check it out. We bought some apple cider, apple butter, glazed apple sourdough bread and semi-sweet apple-raspberry red wine. I am particularly excited about the apple butter and wine. Next time we head out there, we might get other wines that I tasted. We had to get back early evening to go to a beat-the-bull bbq organized by one of the interns at a very nice park area near ORNL. Since no one had to get back home early, we decided to extend out stay longer by playing sand volleyball. It was riot! I could clearly see some people just couldn't play the game but it is understandable since most of them do not play any games/sports involving arm strength. I was extremely surprised to find few of the interns unable to clear the net, even by throwing. Oh well! After getting plenty of sand in my shoes, it was decided that we would reward ourselves for the physical exertion by eating ice cream. Soon after we left for home. I decided to hang out with the girls again and we ended up talking till pretty late in the night. Actually, it was another night that I got to bed post 3.30 am.

So, it ended up another weekend when I woke up late. I got up at 1 pm! After talking to Tara from Coe and studying for the GRE attempting to memorize more words, I got together with Jenn to do inorganic chem. I have all but two questions done. I ate dinner with Rachel, Khush and James at a Mexican restaurant and later shared a pina coloda with Rachel and it turned out to be pretty sweet. That cured by oh-so-frequent sweet urges.

And I write this weekend update after watching desperate housewives with james, jenn and the girls.

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