Thursday, October 20, 2005

For the love of Indian Food

Indiatimes: Best Indian Dishes

I am going to blatantly copy my favorite meals from this website so that you don't get popups when you visit the actual site.

Tandoori Chicken

The Punjabification of the globe can be traced to this singular dish. Originally from Punjab, the dish is now part of the world's menu. Think velvety, succulent chicken pieces marinated in curd with subtle spices and a few drops of red/orange colour!

Elish (Hilsa) paturi

This is a classic from Bengal which some say originated in what is now Bangladesh. Hilsa is baked wrapped in banana leaf. Traditionally the fish packets were cooked alongwith with rice in a chula. The slow-cooking added to the flavour. The flavour and taste cannot be written of...but just has to be experienced!


Believe it or not, momos are actually a dish from Sikkim. Truly a pan-Indian favourite, with vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish and a unique red chutney, momos can be prepared steamed, boiled or fried with your choice of stuffing! Be imaginative.


Another pan-Indian favourite though different parts of the country have their own versions. In Madhya Pradesh for example, khichadi made with sabudana is the hot favourite, while in the eastern part of the country, lentils are the choice.

Malai kofta

This is a classic dish of Moghul origin. Panneer, kyoya, raisins, cashews-stuffed in a boiled potato-malai kofta is a sheer delight. The kofta is added to a spicy, creamy sauce.

Hyderabadi biryani

The Hyderabadi cuisine is the amalgamation of Muslim techniques and meats with the vibrant spices and ingredients of local Hindus. Hyderabadi cuisine is the ultimate in fine dining. Its tastes range from sour and the sweet, the hot and the salty and studded with dry fruits and nuts.

What better dish than the Hyderabadi biryani to represent this cuisine?

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