Friday, October 28, 2005

Is US becoming hostile to science? - Yahoo! News

Is US becoming hostile to science? - Yahoo! News

The debate has broadened to the effect of the conflict between evolution and intelligent design to a national or perhaps an international scale. I wonder if there is such a debate in any other country. This is alientating science from the generation to come. The statistics of people who are scientifically literate are dismal. It's extremely sad actually. The US intellectual/scientific class is being overrun by the influx of brilliance from other countries. Can you imagine living in a country where the majority of people are the minority amongst the people who think scientifically and understand the world around us? If the situation is not corrected, that's exactly what will happen. And people wonder why foreign nationals or international people get better jobs. It's the skill. It's the knowledge. It's the alacrity to learn, and adapt. It's hard to do that if people aren't motivated, and lazy. Maybe I am wrong. Perhaps I am stereotyping and generalizing. If I am, correct me.

*Update* Follow this Slashdot link to look at the comments posted about this article. Comments: Slashdot | Is The U.S. Becoming Anti-Science?

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Mary said...

You're making an awfully big assumption by presuming people have to be scientifically inclined to be part of the thinking class....

indoloony said...

I agree. That was a gross misstatement. I just changed that part of the sentence. It is hard to even say that the people in science understand the world around us I guess because I know biology majors who don't believe in speciation and evolution.