Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Scientists develop cancer nanobomb

Scientists develop cancer nanobomb

Cancer nano bombs appears to be a promising technology to fight cancer. Think of tiny bombs exploding in the malignant cells destroying the cells and subsequently blocking the biological pathways to make more cancerous cells.
He believes the nanobomb holds great promise as a therapeutic agent for killing cancer cells, with particular emphasis on breast cancer cells, because its shockwave kills the cancerous cells as well as the biological pathways that carry instructions to generate additional cancerous cells and the small veins that nourish the diseased cells. Also, it can be spread over a wide area to create structural damage to the cancer cells that are close by.

This makes me wish I would have been doing some research in carbon nanotubes but I know that would have required Organic Chemistry which I haven't taken in college.

Read the article for the whole scoop.

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