Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A fresh dip in swing

I'm extremely excited. I went to the first swing dance thing at Knoxville. Jenn came along with me to the basic lindy class. I wanted to try the advanced but she didn't know the swing style at all, so we decided just to do the beginner class. she is a quick learner and has internal rhythm which was more than I could say for the rest of the people I danced with. However it was just wonderful to get out there and do it. I'm trying to see if Jenn would want to do it at least once a week so that I can meet new people and swing dance at the same time. Before we left, I got to dance with one girl who knew how to move and it was great! She spun like a pro, and I love dancing with girls who know how to move. I realized I was rusty in lindy and needed to look at my swing vids to refresh my memory. I might do that the next time.

This was one of the best nights I've had.

[Listening to: Drift on - Butterfly Boucher - Flutterby (3:05)]

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