Friday, October 14, 2005

I can't wait till I can sleep in during the weekend. Unfortunately, the past few weekends, I've never gone to bed before 3 or 4 am. I would normally hang out with Jenn or Rach till 2 or 3 am and then Britta would call after that and I would talk to her for a while. And then go to sleep and wake up at noon or 1 am or 2 am. Even thought it's not a particularly healthy practice, I'd still do that because I like being around them. And my room mate uses this time to have some privacy while being around our new quasi-permanent third room mate.

I just talked to dad and wished him a Shubho Bijoya because it's the last day of the Durga Pujo. It's my culture's biggest festival and I guess is an analogy when compared to Christmas. I should get pictures from my parents to show what the celebration looks like.

[Listening to: If I Run - Semisonic - Great Divide (4:16)]

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