Friday, October 28, 2005

long days and stupidity

After doing a few handstands at work in my cubby, I am back to doing nothing. I just asked my mentor and he says that I can relax because he doesn't have anything for me to accomplish for the rest of today. I guess I like my relaxing day today because yesterday was too long. The five hours of talks, and then the multiple hours of homework. Working in groups like that can make people snappy. I think we should all understand the homework before copying down answers. I also think you should be able to defend your previous answers with better things that "I found it on the internet". It takes a lot of patience to deal with obvious laziness and stupidity. Stupidity frustrates me especially if an intelligent person is being stupid. But then what's the measure of intelligence? Scores on tests? Speed of processing power? Thoroughness? Probably all of them, eh?

[Listening to: Plea From A Cat Named Virtue - The Weakerthans - Reconstruction Site (3:51)]

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