Sunday, October 30, 2005

speaking of records..

I just had the longest conversation with Goms. I talked to her for 200 mins which is 3 hours and 20 mins?!? I guess I would have gone longer if I wasn't tired and it wasn't that late. I don't remember if I talked to Bhavya for longer than that or not. It was a while ago. So, according to my memory, Goms sets the present record for the phone and Kelly has the record for longest conversation period. And I just noticed that Daylight Savings Time has just begun. Apart from talking to Kelly and Goms, my day was very unremarkable. Tomorrow is bound to be more eventful. I gotta ask Jenn how the party was.

[Listening to: Stanley Climbfall - Lifehouse - Stanley Climbfall [Bonus Tracks] (3:48)]

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