Wednesday, October 26, 2005

An update made to order

The last couple of days have been different. I woke up late both the days. Monday morning, we took the oppurtunity to photograph the lake in between two tree laden hills inside the ORNL campus by stopping briefly. We didn't realize that this could be interpreted as suspicious behavior till later in the afternoon, when a couple of people from security came by to question my motions for the day since I entered through the portal. I found out that someone has reported two separate incidents that they pieced together. The second incident was me removing something from the trunk of James' car. I have no idea how both of them were put together because taking something out of the trunk is nothing weird. Anyhow, James got questioned as well. Monday turned out to be very lethargic and gloomy partially due to the overcast weather. My eyes hurt so I couldn't watch my computer screen for very long without eyes watering. So, I took several short walks around the lab to refresh myself. Later in the evening, we found out that margaritas and homework don't mix. at all. Jenn and I went to a mexican restaraunt to do homework because we wanted something different to do. She wanted to go to restaraunt to eat while I had already eaten with James at the Soup Kitchen. I ordered half a bowl of chili and a loaf of cranberry something glazed bread to accompany the chili for 5 bucks. Anyhow, going back to the mexican restaraunt, we ordered a couple of magaritas for a couple of bucks a piece. I am constantly drinking my magarita while Jenn was talking on the phone and figuring something out. So, I'm drinking and doing homework at the same time. After an hour, it hit me and I felt like I didn't really care about the homework anymore. After Jenn finished her drink, we were incessantly giggling while attempting to work out homework. So after ordering another beer, and a fried ice cream (it was massive!), we gave up and left for home. We called our professor and told him that we had worked on it for long enough and it was getting very frustrating because the nomenclature rules for Inorganic Chem compounds weren't clear enough for an affirmation of our answers. He told us that it was ok, and we could clarify our doubts in class. We are going to do that today (wednesday) at 3.30 pm.

Yesterday was nice and relaxing. I should have studied more for the GRE than what I did but instead I spent all my evening with Jenn just hanging out with her. We cooked dinner which included hamburger meat, black beans, and rice. And yeah, we have been pracitising swing dancing almost every time I hang out with her. She is a quick learner and is picking up fairly well. I still have to look at my videos to teach her more of the stuff that Andi and I learnt. She should be able to do most of the safe lifts/aerials. I also got to talk to Britta and Gomathi for a long time which was wonderful. I got all the weekly updates from Britta because we hadn't talked for about a week. We called each other and left messages drawing at the same point. I'm glad our schedules overlapped last night. And I got Gomathi's birthday bash details. I don't think I've gone more than 2 days without talking to her. I know more about Gomathi's life than any of my other friends except for Britta. I need to call Jessi, Mary, Kelly and Komal. and yeah, Sean.

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