Thursday, October 13, 2005

taking a break

I just got done with a blitzkrieg of starting online graduate applications. I started making a list of schools that I want to apply to. They include Brown, RPI, Vanderbilt, NC State, Arizona State, Northwestern, UPenn, Boston U, Stanford and Caltech. I still have to start applications in Georgia tech, Cornell, Columbia, Duke and Purdue. I have to narrow my choices down to realistic ones soon. I know a lot of my choices are top schools and extremely exclusive. My grades are good enough, got a lot of research experience, highly active college life, and a research paper that is going to be published very soon. This brings it down to my GRE now. Nothing like added pressure. I bet my ORNL work experience is the biggest boon in my application/resume.

I got to give my eyes some rest. They hurt and water. Darn!

I still have to get my visas for the winter travel.

The pink's for the breast cancer wristband I got today. One more to go. Just the One poverty white band.

[Listening to: Zig Zaggity Woop Woop Pt. 2 - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Save My Soul (4:44)]

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