Monday, October 03, 2005 - Your e-mails: Rebuild New Orleans? - Oct 3, 2005 - Your e-mails: Rebuild New Orleans? - Oct 3, 2005

I don't think it's worth the hundreds of billions of dollars of investment to rebuild New Orleans. I would feel the same way if my home town got destroyed, and there was a possibility of it getting destroyed again due to the chances of recurring natural disasters. I value lives more that where those lives are located. It's a hard transistion to move from familiar surroundings, but it is possible and in this case favorable. I also agree with most of the replies about not wanting the taxes to go up to compensate for the rebuilding if it does happen. This is a pragmatic albeit harsh opinion.


Howard said...

There is no more probability that New Orleans will get destroyed again than mid town America by a tornado..And how about San Fran sitting on a huge fault..Every place has it's problems snd if we looked for the pefect place we not locate anywhere..having said that, just plop dow anywhere you are happy and hope for the best..

indoloony said...

If the possibility of New Orleans getting hit by a hurricane is as much as midwest tornados, then I'm afraid for New Orleans. And yeah, San Fran is sitting on a huge fault and they know the chances of SFa being levelled by a quake is high. And plopping down where ever without taking in all the factors and variables is grossly unwise.

Dan Kauffman said...

We are not talking about probabilities we are talking about spending

HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars to stay Stuck on Stupid,

NO residential areas should be rebuilt in floodplains, disaster relief should include passing the deed to the federal government and creating wetlands,

They don;t want to sell? OK its going to be under water.

Eminent Domain when you build a dam that floods land is quite different than if you are NOT building dams/levees to keep land from NOT being flooded.