Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Ender's Game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ender's Game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ender's Game is one of my favorite reads. I fell in love with the series after reading this book and since then, I've tried to read all the sequels. I notice that I haven't read 2 of the 8 books to come out after Ender's Game. His books are drenched in philosophy, and his frame of reference of the direction this world is heading in. He used an interesting medium to discuss his political views. Writing about children who lead the war against the Formics popularized this book among younger kids. They probably looked on Ender as a fictional role model.

As far as his prediction of hegemony in the future, it's a distinct possibility. It's bound to happen when a single nation comes up on top, and influences the entire world. I doubt that hegemony is democratic so it's going to interesting to watch the world in the future as I age. Who knows, I might get to see a drastic radical change in world politics and culture.

The last book I read was Speaker of the Dead which seems to have caught a following in real life. This is speaking the truth and revealing everything about the dead person. It opens untended wounds and helps heal them.

This series is a must-read.

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