Friday, September 30, 2005

Committees of Correspondence

Committees of Correspondence

I agree with Dan. How wise is this investment?


Dan Kauffman said...

Joy let me tell you a little story, when I was a Sr at UK I had a 500 level Optics course with a lab.

The first night I went in, at every station was a lab write up and equipement dissambled, the problem was to read the write-up assemble the equipement in a manner required to do an experiment and perform it.

I got everything together but ONE Stupid Piece! NO WAY could I get that put on in an orienataion I need to do the experiement, So I folded my note book over,

Dr Hanau came over and asked me.

Mr Kauffman are you finished?

Yes Dr Hanau

Where are your results?

I don't have any Dr Hanau.

Why not.

Because I cannot do this experiment with the equipement supplied,

Correct Mr Kauffman you have an A for this Lab,

That was the problem to be solved that night, identify that you have reached a pass where you are trying to do what is impossible and be able to identify and accept it.

There are some problems in Nature we cannot solve with the state of technology we have at our disposal,

The best thing is just to get out of Natures Way.

indoloony said...

wise course of action. we can not control nature yet. but i am scared of the day that we can.