Monday, September 26, 2005

i was threatened with bodily harm for logging onto someone's computer. i don't think i did anything wrong except for etiquette. i shouldn't have used his computer but it was right there and i was getting bored while substrates were being cut. he said that if i ever did it again, he would break my fingers. geez, that's one abrasive guy. he is a huge hulk looking piece of meat. i know ORNL has strict rules against physical harm but I don't know if this is worth reporting. i know i'm never logging onto his computer anymore. but if i did, which i won't, i would log on and then remove my user id upon restart. i think putting in his user id and then putting a wrong password resets the user id field back to his. my mentor apologized to me for his rudeness. oh well, that's some excitement for today.

i'm in a weird productive mood today. i have to cut more substrates and then clean them. i also need to etch and anneal them. i have a lot to do this week.

i had a lot of fun at the balloon festival on friday evening. and the country concert was decent too. i am going to put up pictures soon.

i got caught up with everything going on at school because i got to talk to britta, kelly and goms. i chatted with andi for a bit and i'm going to call her tonight and talk to her. i haven't talked to andi for a week now because i've been soo busy.. sounds like she had a cracker of a weekend. i'm jealous.

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