Wednesday, September 14, 2005

It's been over 3 weeks already!

I've been thinking about my exprerience here so far. I am amazed to see how quickly time is flying by. Getting up for work around 6.45-7 am everyday, then 8 hours of research at the lab except when I have the tuesday thursday Advanced Inorganic Chemistry for an hour and a half in the morning, and the mandatory Wednesday afternoon seminar on various scientific topics. So usually have long days and then workout in the evening for an hour. I can't really do much here except for running and pushups and crunches and stuff. I get pretty tired after running for 20 mins. Must be the altitude and the speed I try to sustain. I guess I'm spoilt running on the treadmill at Coe which keeps me in check.

About the progress in research so far. I guess I have made a few Bi based oxide thin films using PLD. Apart from that I've learnt how to use the tapping mode in the AFM. The AFM i'm using is very similar to the one we have at Coe Physics except, Coe's is newer. And the images I've scanned have had a 50-50 clarity consistency. Must be the tip. I keep thinking that I've broken the tip by getting it too close to the surface. Ho Nyung, my mentor thinks that after scanning a hundred samples, I'll become an expert. Probably true. I think he is moulding my project differently that what he had planned earlier. He says that he plans for me to use the AFM a lot. I haven't done any X-ray diffraction yet.

And I talked to Andi at the perfect time on Sunday. I wanted to talk to someone about something I had learned about myself from Jenn. Andi just listened and it made it feel better. It was about how I can be demanding sometimes especially when it came to food. Jenn and James cook every time and I can't really help because I have nothing constructive to help with the process except cutting veggies and dishes. And our kitchen is soo small, it can barely hold two people in it. And the way, I phrase my requests that sounds like commands and not requests to people here. I guess that is true because we have not known each other for long enough to get comfortable enough to rid formalities. I went into the mode that I am with friends from school like Britta and Andi and such. So, I just have to careful how I say things now. I guess it will be little hard to pay attention to everything but it will work out. I like the fact that Jenn told me because I would have been oblivious to this and would have continued my lack of courteousness in my interactions. It not like I am not courteous, I just don't say please all the time.. Just one thing, people here don't really communicate as to how they feel to the person they need to talk to the most. Except for Jenn. I'm glad for her honesty with me. People are having serious room mate issues and are bitching about it to other people but when suggested to talk to their roomie, they shrug and say they don't want to confront the situation. I know that people aren't veyr observant of change in behavior, and they will never know unless they are told. I hope the girls figure out and solve their issues. On the other hand, so far James and I are doing great. He is a good friend and room mate.

I got wonderful news from Britta. She is going to be around for my final semester because she is not doing her study abroad in Sweden. It makes me soo happy. I miss her a lot. One of the very few people I had to see everyday. She will be there for my graduation.

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