Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Yesterday after dinner, we had the I Club meeting. I know I am going to have a tough time with my exec specially those three. I need to get power in the exec back to normal. Saadia was way off her rocker, it took quite some will power not to retort back and shut her up because that would be unpleasant. That left me bubbling under the calm exterior during dinner and some part of the evening. Rest of my evening was spent in front of my computer typing a paper for chem lab. I hate the amount of work this lab needs! 3 freaking hours for a 2 page scientifiv review! My eyes took quite some hit, they were red and watery by the time i was done. Then I took my pictures over to voorhees and showed Tara and Jenna the pictures from the Presidential Ball through Flunk Day. There were some awesome ones there. Crystal pointed out that I was pimping at Pres Ball (what ever that meant!). I spent the rest of the night at Mary and Kristen's room. I hope I am not intruding upon their privacy.. Ate pizza at 12! and then noticed it started raining cats and dogs, Iowa's weather is strange. It was 70 degrees all through with not a cloud in sky and then rains like hell.
Slept like a log through 8.15 today, but due to the snooze I ended up getting off my bed at 9. Got to the shower only to realize that the couple was in there again! Man, they have no common sense, girl, go to your freaking dorm and shower, not at an all-guys hall! I finally shaved, it feels so much better now without the stubble! Chem and physics passed without anything exciting happening. Now this might sound nerdy or geeky but I realized today in class that we radiate the entire spectrum from radio to gamma ray frequencies! To me that was stupendous. I had my lunch with Becky. She is still mad after reading my essay, I must have really ticked her off in my paper. She tells me that it is very offensive towards Christianity! I need to talk to her about this and make the essay better. I went over to Jessi's to see how she was doing. She apparently played "mud slide" in the quad yesterday in the rain! She had a lot of bruises from that. I wonder why people do such silly things at times, must be a lot of kid involved:-). Talked to pi for a while while doing calc, she seems to have a lot going on in her life and hope she gets through it fine. I wonder if Bhav got my package yet, it should have reached her last week! And she had chicken pox now! I feel so sorry for her, I wish I was there for her then. Lets see how the rest of the evenign goes. I need to study for calc today and give finishing touches to chem and write up the last chem lab of the year! wooo-hooo! And get my hon comp anthology in order with fine tuning help from Becky tonight..

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