Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I woke at 6.30 thinking it was 8.30 and after seeing the clock, I went back to sleep, light sleep I thought. And then I wake up at 8.30 only to realize that the alarm never went off at 7.15! I missed my physics lab! And then realized it wasnt that big a deal because Doc would let me make it up on Thursday. So, while showering, I thought about how the rest of my day would play out. I had a long and tiring day ahead of me for sure. Got to the honors comp and we workshoped some essays including Des's essay in my anthology. I got my essays back from the first review. My first essay and Des's essay were okay, just need some fine tuning. But my God-Alien essay was littered with marks for correction or clarification. *sigh* I have to put in quite some work to make this better I guess. But this is one of the essays in which I have given my personal viewpoint on something that had been nagging in the back of my mind. Yeah, what if the Almighty God is an E.T? I ate my lunch with Kristin and Mary. I am so glad they are my friends, they are one of the few people who are actually happy when I am around them, who have genuine smiles:).. And then headed back to my room and studied for the test a bit more. And then went over to Des's room to ask her to mend the essay Gordon wanted it. I feel really bad disturbing her so close to the final, but I really need it done. And sometimes I feel there is something in the tone of voice Heather and Becky talk to me in, like I have done or said something wrong. I still can't figure that out. I wonder why they withdrew so quickly since the start of the year.. While heading to Gage to check my mail, I saw Komal and Tapi talking in Stomping Grounds and Tapi was consoling her. And then it hit me, Jeshica must have said something again on the table in public. Got through the door and moment Komal saw me, she burst into tears. I hugged her and tried consoling her. I really need to talk to her and Jeshica and straighten things out. This is childish, stupid and not required before the finals! I had a long talk with Tapi and she kind of filled me into what happened. When I got back to my room, I read a bit more of chem and then Rishi some company while he was watching a movie. Then headed to the chem help session. I think it was useful, cleared up some of my doubts.But I still don't know how I'd do on the test though. Got back from the help session and now writing this blog right before I head out for dinner.

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