Monday, May 12, 2003

The last two days were so sloooow..Saturday began at 10.45 with being gloomy due to the overcast conditions. Took a shower and somehow got my ass to eat, I was feeling really lethargic. And then I got back, and spent 4 hours in front of computer chatting and then eventually watching a movie. I tried calling Lara but yet again she wasn't there. I am getting the feeling that she doesn't want to talk to me although I don't know why or why she doesn't tell me outright to stop trying to contact her. It was Karishma's birthday as well and I tried calling but the call never went through. Then I slumped back to dinner at the caf and ate the unspecatular food and then hung out with Kristin for the rest of the evening. I watched Amelie with her (techically she fell asleep at 11 and the movie went on till 1). Although she did wake up a few times in the middle. I went back to my room and collapsed on my bed after a day of laziness. So, saturday served as my Sabbath.
Come Sunday, I am still sleeping at 11! Wake up to take a shower and lo behold! there they are at it again! Head exploding with unconstituitional words, I wait for 45 minutes before I get to the shower finally. Brunch was more like breakfast like usual. Got back to my room and worked on my chem lab writeup. I am sooo happy that this was the last lab and the only thing left is a lab quiz that I take on thursday! 4 hours past, finally finished it. And then, talked to my parents for a while. I hope dad is getting the info I need from the travel agent to book my ticket home. Talked to Manu and Doll, they are leaving for Australia first week of June. I feel really sad about this because I won't see them the next time I am in Hyderabad. They were my across the balcony buddies for 10 years, buddies for life. When time came to eat dinner, I couldn't find any of my friends I could have had my dinner with. So, I went ahead and ordered a pizza from Papa John's. I got it after two hours. Reason: I had turned the ringer volume on my phone all the way down by mistake. They had called me 10 times and came to the door four times and I didnt know! Anyway, when I finally did get it, I watched The Planet of the Apes. While eating, I thought that this was one of the worst movies I have seen and I was going to watch this in the theatre. What a waste that would have been! I studied for the chem test this week. The night passed with nothing else substantial happening. One thing did happen earlier that evening. While I was waiting for the pizza, Komal came in like a raging loony cursing Jeshica for locking her out of the room. These girls have had a history since school and haven't been able to work though them at all. I wonder why they stayed in the same room for a whole year. They hate each other to the core. I feel sad that people from the same country can't get along. One thing to point out is that both of them are stubborn and with short fuses. They were my first friends and now both of them have kind of distanced, Jeshica more than Komal. That night ended at 12 thinking about my performance on the tests on friday since they would surely be handed out on Monday.

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