Wednesday, May 28, 2003

I went up to Deanna to find out how the bookings for various events were going on and if I got the summer RA job for the japanese students during the month of august. I did get the job and now I must see what the responsibilities are.. That should be really interesting experience..And the money although little should help, I really wanna start spending my own money instead of dad's. I think his money should be used for necessities only not luxuries. My lunch and dinner turned out to be the leftovers from yesterday's pizza. I spent most of the afternoon perusing the web for alternate accomadations for the fall break Chicago trip. I just realized that the amount of the money we had for the lodging is not adequate. This absolutely sucks! I need to go in and talk to Joanna and get suggestions. I need the help in this matter and there is no one here for it. Katie and Lisa's sky high wall impossible to get over, so aloof! And Carla, I just don't know sometimes. All of them have authority issues. Anyway, on a brighter note I did talk to my parents for a long time. We have discussing shopping again, seems like we are getting some big things now, dvd player, digital camera, camcorder (maybe), and a notebook for office but I guess for personal use as well. And I got Lara's email, seems like I just have been unlucky in getting a hold of her.. Saadia stayed over in my room because she didnt want to stay in the ghetto apartment with Tapi. Apparently she doesnt mind sleeping on the carpet, poor thing, she slept amidst the mess in my room..

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