Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Hi Blogger world! This will be my very first blog. Few of my friends here write blogs daily religiously and I decided to give it a spin.
Today started the same way it it does every other day. I wonder sometimes if the Snooze option is a boon or a bane? But, it seems to work well with me. I seemed to have slacked towards reaching my morning classes on time. I can't figure out why and when it became to be a bit tardy. Most of the time, I am a strickler to time, I always get to places either early or right in the the do. I was so glad that my morning lab in physics was easy. I hate long labs plus I seem to do well on theory but lose my touch in practical applications:(. Got to my other class only to see that it was cancelled. I think we needed the class today because we have a 3 essay anthology due next tuesday and I needed to workshop my essays. When I was heading towards Voorhees to show the girls my pictures when I noticed a group of girls in the far side of my eye, and I paused when one of them recognized me and waved. I headed over there to see most of my Honors Composition class sitting on the walkway discussing their papers and why the class today was crucial. Anyway, I sat down and listen to them ramble on, they were panicking although they are all excellent writers. Jessi feels like an outsider in this group she said because she can't connect to a lot of the students there. She thinks she isnt a very good writer, but I think otherwise. I have seen a very good introduction in everyone of her essays. Thats a skill I wish I had while writing my essays. I got back and then gave finishing touches to my chem paper due tomorrow. Lunch was nothing exciting, chicken wraps! Ineed some variation in my diet! I sat outside talking to Komal..I wish I would see her more often. I miss the kind of friendship we had in the beginning of the year.... But since then, I am happy that I have met some great people, people who are a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Scene at calc was the same, Jon teaching and me on the computer using the net, perking my head up everytime he talks about something new. And then head back down when he is repeating himself. How much ever bored I get in his class, I would never trade him for another math prof in a million years. I finally got all my scanned pix on the yahoo and fototime! Now when I got back to my room, I realized that I had some free time and tried so see if any of my friends were free but alas! didnt find anyone!! I called Lara because I haven't talked to her for ages and she wasn't in either (damn!). I then contemplated going over to Mary's room but she had to write a paper for class and I didn't want to disturb her, so I am now stuck in my room for a while. I have no clue where my friends dissappear sometimes. I hate the feeling I get then of being alone. I miss Bhavya soo much. I miss her voice, laugh and "What else?".

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