Sunday, May 18, 2003

Saturday started at 10 in the morning because I had to do laundry. Laundry is too protacted, too much of waiting around, and then there is folding of the clothes to prevent creases. Weather is truly funny here, rains and then gets sunny in the same day..I spent time in Jessi's room today for a while after sometime. First time in sometime I found all of them free and not busy simultaneously. I also talked to Tapi for a long time, I see now why people can talk to her so easily. She actually listens without cutting you off, rareity nowaday. Jessi went home to drop stuff off. I went to Best Buy because she had to get her computer serviced since its was going bonkers. She somehow controlled herself yesterday, she was ready to put a bullet hole through it. After Best Buy, went shopping for her bro's gift for his communion which in turn inculded some of her own shopping too. 2 and a half hours later, we headed back stopping to eat at Big Mikes. They have excellent subs there, better than Subway! I think this is the first time I got to spend time with Jessi for so long. It felt kinda nice because she was my first friend in Voorhees, first american to accept me the way I was. I am glad that Mary was having a good time with her friend who was visiting her from home. At 10, when I get to hickok, people there had a sudden urge for ice cream. so 10 of us head to Hy-vee to buy ice cream and then eat them together. I went over to Mary's to meet her friend. I got back to my room at 3 to see a party going on in the room. Girls were half drunk already, there were around 9 people in that small room falling over each other. Girls are so loose when drunk, they behave differently under influence. some smoke, some touch, some become way too horny! I can't help but worry about them but since they dont like that, i try really hard not to care..sadly, it doesnt happen..4.30 they begin heading back. Some with company and some without. Some got their asses for the night. Im happy for them, atleast I think I should be..or maybe..

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